Thank you for showing interest in sharing your story! Below are some details about this initiative and how you can get involved.

What is the initiave?

This is about real women with real stories about periods. Myovant Sciences and HealthyWomen have come together to partner with women to tell their unfiltered stories about periods. We are inviting women to share their stories – their experiences, their conversations, anything they’d like to share – in order to elevate this conversation around women’s health and overcome the stigma that too many women experience.

What is the process for this initiave?

First, fill out the brief application form below. The application will collect some personal information and asks for a short video.

  1. From the pool of interested storytellers, a small group will be invited to a virtual workshop.
  2. Selected storytellers will attend a workshop facilitated by The Moth, a nonprofit organization dedicated to building empathy in the world through the art and craft of true, personal storytelling. After the workshop, The Moth will continue to work with select storytellers in virtual private sessions to help continue to hone their stories.
  3. Some workshop participants will be invited to have their stories captured on video by a professional filmmaker.
  4. These storytelling videos will be shared on the Female Forward Together website!

Who is reviewing this application?

A dedicated team from Myovant Sciences and HealthyWomen is working together to support this storytelling effort. Myovant Sciences is a healthcare company focused on developing innovative treatments for women’s health, and HealthyWomen is the nation’s leading independent, nonprofit health information source for women. Both organizations are in the Female Forward Together coalition and are united in their missions to change the status quo in women’s health. Check out why we exist for more on this coalition.

Ready to share?

Commitment to Privacy

Commitment to Privacy

Women’s health research has been underfunded and deprioritized for too long, creating significant gaps in knowledge and limiting our ability to improve health outcomes for women. We are grateful to the informed and empowered individuals who choose to participate in this coalition project. Their participation enables unprecedented and meaningful insights into women’s health, including experiences with menstruation.

Learn more about our partners' commitment to data privacy: