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Learn about menstruation basics

The better you understand women’s health, the more you can advocate for change. Check out resources from the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) to learn the basics.


Track your period

Download Flo to learn more about women’s health, including your menstrual cycle. Knowing your typical period can help you know when something isn’t right.


Learn how to support people who menstruate

Period poverty and period stigma are significant challenges in many communities. Learn more about PERIOD and how they have served over 900,000 periods and fought the tampon tax.



Post about Female Forward Together

You have the power to change the conversation around women’s health. Spread the word about the outrageous status quo and help build a brighter future. #FemaleForwardTogether


Share the survey results

You can help raise awareness about key challenges and problems in women’s health. Share survey insights from thousands of people on menstrual attitudes and experiences.


Contribute to digital science

More research is needed to advance women’s health. You can contribute to innovative research by sharing your experience. Download the Achievement app and get started.



Talk to your school or office about free menstrual products

Menstrual products are a basic necessity, yet many schools, offices, and public restrooms do not provide them. You can meet with leaders in your community to advocate for free and accessible products.


Join thousands working to end period poverty

PERIOD hosted the first-ever #NationalPeriodDay on October 19, 2019. Check out the petition to end period poverty and period stigma.


Stay connected with Female Forward Together

We are just getting started with Female Forward Together. You can stay connected with the coalition and learn more about additional opportunities for advocacy.

Commitment to Privacy

Commitment to Privacy

Women’s health research has been underfunded and deprioritized for too long, creating significant gaps in knowledge and limiting our ability to improve health outcomes for women. We are grateful to the informed and empowered individuals who choose to participate in this coalition project. Their participation enables unprecedented and meaningful insights into women’s health, including experiences with menstruation.

Learn more about our partners' commitment to data privacy: