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The Outrageous Status Quo

The current state of women's health is unacceptable

It is time to prioritize and elevate women's health. For too long, a harmful cycle has prevented the progress women deserve. We unite to create solutions and build a brighter future.

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    Periods are normal—and deserve to be stigma-free

    Period stigma is pervasive and has real consequences. We need to reduce the shame and taboo surrounding periods in order to improve access to menstrual products and to increase investment in women’s health.

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    More investment is needed in women’s health

    Women are 50% of the population yet there is inadequate investment in their health. We should know more about menstruation and common conditions like uterine fibroids. More research has the potential to unlock new insights that could improve education and lead to new, innovative solutions for women.

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    Lack of knowledge

    Period education needs to be improved

    Many women have periods yet our knowledge of menstruation remains incomplete, including how much bleeding and pain is normal. Improved period education is needed to demystify menstruation and increase body literacy and empowerment.

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    Lack of solutions for women

    More innovation is critical to women’s health

    In addition to new technologies and medicines, we need innovative approaches to collective action, destigmatization, investment, and education. Now is the time to accelerate innovation for lasting change.

Where we come in

We unite to break the cycle and transform women’s health

The problems facing women’s health are entrenched and exist in all sectors. That’s why we need to come together, as individuals and organizations, to change the status quo.

Where We Come In

We are a cross-sector coalition working to elevate the conversation around women’s health and to drive meaningful change

Partnered with Myovant Sciences to conduct a survey with thousands of people on menstrual attitudes and experiences

Evidation is a new kind of health and measurement company exploring how everyday behavior data and health interact. Through its app, Achievement, Evidation can reach over 3 million individuals to undertake real world research.

Partnered with Myovant Sciences to develop and launch new self-assessment tools for menstrual blood loss and pain

Flo is the number one female health app in the U.S. and 100+ countries with 30 million monthly active users. Flo combines cutting-edge technology, scientific knowledge, and the power of community to support women throughout their entire lives, helping them to make better decisions about their health and wellbeing every day.

Partnered with Myovant Sciences on a storytelling initiative to elevate the conversation around periods

HealthyWomen is the nation's leading independent, nonprofit health information source for women. HealthyWomen’s mission is to educate women to make informed health choices for themselves and for their families, providing objective, research-based health information.

Partnered with Evidation, Flo, HealthyWomen, and PERIOD to elevate the conversation around women’s health and improve knowledge about periods

Myovant Sciences aspires to be the leading healthcare company focused on developing innovative treatments for women’s health. Through purpose-driven science, empowering medicines, and transformative advocacy, Myovant Sciences strives to change the paradigm in women’s health.

Partnered with Myovant Sciences to develop community-based educational initiatives for young activists to learn more about period health

PERIOD is a global, youth-run NGO that fights to end period poverty and stigma through service, education, and advocacy. The organization has provided resources for 1 million periods through a network of over 600 registered chapters in all 50 states.

Commitment to Privacy

Commitment to Privacy

Women’s health research has been underfunded and deprioritized for too long, creating significant gaps in knowledge and limiting our ability to improve health outcomes for women. We are grateful to the informed and empowered individuals who choose to participate in this coalition project. Their participation enables unprecedented and meaningful insights into women’s health, including experiences with menstruation.

Learn more about our partners' commitment to data privacy: